(This is a writeup for Coffeeneuring 2015. It started out in a google doc and is now moving here. The entries contain the actual date of the adventure. The writeup is 1. where I went 2. the date 3. what I drank

  1. More detailed ride story 5. total mileage)


  1. Original Starbucks in Pike Place market. Now that I have that off my list I can never waste my time standing in line there again.
  2. October 17th
  3. Ice mocha with whipped cream. Apparently this place has no pastries. Yet another reason not to visit.
  4. This felt much better than previous ride. I’m getting better at figuring out shifting. Balance and starting and stopping are 2nd nature by now. Mostly still on sidewalks because I’m not feeling confident enough yet. Took the bus back to not put too much stress on my ankle (twisted it the day before after falling off the bike. “I get knocked down, but I get up again…”). Buses here are A+ for having bike racks out front.
  5. 2 miles