(This is a writeup for Coffeeneuring 2015. It started out in a google doc and is now moving here. The entries contain the actual date of the adventure. The writeup is 1. where I went 2. the date 3. what I drank

  1. More detailed ride story 5. total mileage)


  1. Milstead and Co.
  2. October 31st (SPOOOOOKY RIDE)
  3. Mocha with actual bittersweet chocolate and a cherry scone. Very pleasant.
  4. It was rainy and and windy and yet I decided to go out today anyway. I fully expected this to end up on my top 10 bad decision list. Except it was amazing in every way. I’m finally beginning to get the good decisions from the bad decisions of the past (Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from bad decisions). Wearing just the bike shorts makes moving my legs on and off the bike so much easier. Rode down Mercer all the way on the street until I got to the protected bike lane. Street riding felt very natural. Took the west side part of the Cheshiahud Lake Union loop. (Doing the full loop is now a goal) The not stopping every block for traffic was a nice change of pace. I did have to stop for 5 minutes about 3/4 of the way through because my right hand was getting stiff. (Too much of a death grip on the handle bars? A sign I’m doomed to get carpal tunnel?) This route took me right into Fremont which has a bunch of nice dedicated bike lanes. The coffee shop had a bike rack but it was already full of bikes so I hooked up to a parking sign. Since I was in the neighborhood, I went to the bike shop and asked about my shifter. They worked on it while I pet the two dogs wandering around the shop. (Wow such fluffy. Many pets). Based on what the technician said, I think one of my bad decisions (a.k.a. falls) put something out of alignment. I now know something to watch out for. I ended up taking the bus back so as not to ruin my good ride and also because the wind was picking up. No saddle soreness at all! I suspect giving myself a break to heal and wearing proper padded shorts helped (also riding on less bumpy things). Overall a great ride for me.
  5. 3 miles