(This is a writeup for Coffeeneuring 2015. It started out in a google doc and is now moving here. The entries contain the actual date of the adventure. The writeup is 1. where I went 2. the date 3. what I drank

  1. More detailed ride story 5. total mileage)


  1. Cupcake Royale on Pine
  2. November 1st
  3. Mocha with whipped cream and a vanilla cupcake with coconut
  4. Not quite as amazing as yesterday but still nice. It was 50F as opposed to 60F and wow do those 10 degrees make a difference. I was a bit saddle sore when I first started but that fade very quickly. I’ll be glad when my long bike tights arrive (and when Christmas comes with some bike stuff…) Achievement: rode on the streets the entire time. Still not sure about doing it during busy traffic time but quiet weekend mornings are nice. Down Mercer, down Westlake, down Stewart. I think at least some of my hand problems are from having a death grip on the bike handle when going downhill on Mercer. I was also feeling really out of shape while riding down westlake which I didn’t feel at all yesterday. Different gears? Either way, an excuse to bike more to build up stamina. Nice empty bike rack outside. I also suspect most people don’t wander into cupcake shops in Downtown Seattle on cold November days so not too surprised. Other highlights: ducks and a very hungover Totoro at the bus stop. Happy day after halloween!
  5. 2 miles