(This is a writeup for Coffeeneuring 2015. It started out in a google doc and is now moving here. The entries contain the actual date of the adventure. The writeup is 1. where I went 2. the date 3. what I drank

  1. More detailed ride story 5. total mileage)


  1. Starbucks in University Village (I tried to find another coffee shop but I kind of failed. Why doesn’t the Amazon bookstore have a coffee shop)
  2. November 7th
  3. Mocha and coffee cake
  4. This was borderline Type 2 fun. It would have been solidly type 2 fun had I not had long biking tights. Started out mid 50s and the temperature continued to drop. Lots of rain. I took the same route as #4 up to Fremont. I paused around there to give my arm a break. I think it’s getting stronger thanks to a little bit of home therapy and not keeping a death grip on the handle bars. Took the Burke-Gilman trail east towards University Village and UW. This is a really nice trail and I expect to ride it more in the future. I took a minor detour to look at the Gas Works Park (answer: it’s a park where there used to be some gas processing parts which are still there for show. It might make a nice place to go practice hills sometime) As I got towards UW, part of the trail was closed due to construction. This threw me for a loop literally and figuratively because I don’t know the area. Eventually made my way to University Village. I picked this spot because people wanted to know what the Amazon Bookstore is like (answer: it’s a bookstore that seems to be very targeted in what they are displaying and trying to sell). Ther are 3 starbucks in this mall and no local coffee shops that I could find. Plenty of bike racks available. By the time I was getting my coffee I was thoroughly wet, and cranky by the time I was waiting for the bus to bring me home. I either need to stop biking in the rain or get actual waterproof stuff. I’m optimistic about being able to do this better in the future as I bike more.
  5. ~6 miles (longest yet!)