(This is a writeup for Coffeeneuring 2015. It started out in a google doc and is now moving here. The entries contain the actual date of the adventure. The writeup is 1. where I went 2. the date 3. what I drank

  1. More detailed ride story 5. total mileage)


  1. Zeitgeist Coffee near Century Link field
  2. November 8th
  3. Latte and Almond Croissant. A+ for both.
  4. It was actually not raining when I started out! I headed down Queen Anne Ave which has a bike lane. Gave up on the bike lane because a) It was all cracked b) covered in leaves c) Not wide enough. Biked over on Denny Way to 2nd Ave. Denny Way on the street is much better than Denny Way on the sidewalk. My route was basically straight down 2nd ave. It’s apparently taken me multiple rides to figure out there is an ever so slight incline in Belltown between Denny Way and Stewart Street. It’s not much but if you aren’t used to biking like I am it is noticeable. Solution: bike more. 2nd ave has a nice protected bike lane for almost all the way. This is great except for the part which is closed and covered for construction. After an incident in SLU, I refuse to bike under those things anymore. Zeitgeist has a bike rack right outside. Nice and empty. Pioneer square and international district are now on my “come back here and bike” TODO list. After coffee, I decided to experiment with taking Link transit back to Westlake. I knew it could be done theoretically but practicing and seeing how it works during low volume times are good. I couldn’t actually lift my bike up to get it on the hooks so I just kept it on the ground. It turns out taking the light rail was a good choice: it started downpouring right as I got on the train. It was still down pouring when I got off and I got soaked enough yesterday so I just took the bus back instead of experimenting with coming back through SLU. Great way to finish off the challenge.
  5. ~3 miles