I mentioned this on twitter and the Fedora kernel mailing list but January 17th was my last day at Red Hat. I can’t express enough thanks to every single person I met during my nearly 5(!) years there. I came in to Fedora as basically an outsider and everyone welcomed me with open arms. You all touched my life in ways I will never forget. I enjoyed all the challenges of being a kernel maintainer and working to make things better.

I started my new role at Oxide Computer on January 20th. I’m very excited to be working with this team to solve real industry problems and learn new and exciting things about hardware and software. I’m not doing Linux kernel work on a day-to-day basis at the moment but I still expect to be around the community. I’m still on the TAB and I’m still on the Linux Plumbers planning committee (yes the website will be up soon). Start ups move fast so we’ll see what I end up working on.

Here’s to new changes in 2020!