The opinion nobody asked for

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Tired and cranky is probably not the best time to write a blog post but here it goes anyway. The business world seems to love to talk about 'authenticity' and 'bringing your whole self' to work. That applies to what you talk about, especially if you are a Woman in Tech(tm). If you are passionate about talking about diversity and those issues because it's part of who you are, go for it. If you'd rather not talk about those issues because it's not who you are, that's okay. Most important is to know why you are making your choices. It's okay to change your mind too.

None of this is an excuse to not care at all though. The real trick is to figure out how you work best. Maybe you're better at talking to other privately. Maybe you boost up other people who do want to share their story. Maybe you spend your time organizing. There's lots of ways to make the tech industry better and most important is learning how to do it in the way that works for you. We can all do better.